Craft Bakers and Butchers Extravaganza

Standard Terms & Conditions For Exhibitors

1. DEFINITIONS - In these Terms and Conditions:
‘Contract’ means the contract entered into between the
Exhibitor and the Organiser as described in Paragraph 2.
‘Deposit’ means the sum payable on signing of the Contract
as set out on the Space Booking Form. ‘Exhibition means the
person, or company named as the Exhibitor on the Space
Booking Form.
‘Exhibitor’s Manual’ means the Exhibitor’s manual for the
‘Organiser’ means Brilliant Exhibitions Ltd. or its successors
or assignees.
‘Space Booking Form’ means the space application form
set out overleaf.
‘Total Payable’ means the total payable as in the Space Booking
References to Paragraphs shall be to paragraphs of these
Terms & Conditions.

An application for space at the Exhibition shall (i) be made on
a Space Booking Form signed on or on behalf of the Exhibitor
(or in such other written, electronic or oral form as the
Organiser in its discretion accepts (ii) include all information
required in the Space Booking Form and (iii) be received by
the Organiser together with the Deposit. The balance of the
Total Payable shall be payable as in the Space Booking Form.
The person or persons signing he Space Booking Form on
behalf of the Exhibitor shall be deemed to have full authority
to do so on behalf of the Exhibitor and the Exhibitors shall have
no right to claim as against the Organiser that such a person
or persons did not have such authority. On written acceptance
by the Organiser of such application it shall constitute the
contract between the Exhibitor and the Organiser which shall
be subject to these Terms & Conditions and to any rules and
regulations issued from time to time by the Organiser in
relation to the Exhibition as contained in the Information Pack
or Exhibitor’s Manual or otherwise issued to the Exhibitor.
Such contract will be governed by English law and subject
to the jurisdiction of the English courts.
Exhibition hours are given in the Information Pack.
(i) The Exhibitor shall be responsible for the appointment of
stand contractors to design, erect and dismantle their stand and
shall use the service contractors appointed by the Organiser to
carry out all electrical, plumbing & other service installations and
connections unless the Organiser otherwise agrees in writing.
The fees of such service contractors are set out in the
Information Pack or Exhibitor’s Manual and are payable
separately by the Exhibitor to such contractors. If the Exhibitor
fails eithe to instruct stand and/or service contractors or agree
other arrangements with the Organiser, the Organiser shall be
entitled to instruct such contractors to erect a standard shell
stand and the Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organiser for the
resulting costs.
(ii) Plans for any space only stand and for any complex interior
for a shell scheme stand (e.g. 4 metres or higher, double decker
or cross-braced) must be forwarded to the Organiser for
approval in accordance with the Schedule set out in the
Exhibitor’s Manual. Such plans must be approved by the
Organiser’s structural engineers in conjunction with the
local authority.
(iii) No stand or display on any stand will be permitted which
in the opinion of the Organiser obstructs light, impedes access
or views along open spaces or gangways or otherwise
inconveniences or adversely affects other exhibitors.
(iv) The Exhibitor and its employees and any agents or
contractors authorised by the Organiser may enter the
Exhibition area for purposes of erecting and dismantling the
stand and exhibits during the build-up and dismantling periods
in the Exhibitor’s Manual.
(v) For health and safety reasons, all exhibitors constructing a
stand of a complex nature, i.e. over 4m high, double deckers
or cross braced, must have the stand plans passed by the
organiser’s structural engineers in conjunction with the
local authority.

Subject to Paragraph 6 the Exhibitor shall be entitled to exhibit
only those matters detailed on the Space Booking Form.
The Exhibitor shall not exhibit the products or services of
any persons or companies other than the Exhibitor or any
subsidiaries, principals or agents of the Exhibitor which are
listed on the Space Booking Form.

The Organiser reserves the right to require the Exhibitor to
remove any exhibit if the Organiser in its absolute discretion
considers that it is libelous, obscene, undesirable or detrimental
to the Exhibition, other exhibitors or the general commercial
interests of the Organiser or any other company from time to
time forming part of the same group of companies of which
the Organiser forms part or that it infringes the rights of any
third party.

The following are excluded from the Exhibition: any matters of
an obscene or libelous nature, explosives, detonating or
fulminating compounds and all dangerous, noxious and harmful
substances, including (but not by way of limitation) primings and
reworks. Primings, reworks, matches and similar objects may
only be exhibited in the form of imitations and on condition
that they contain no matter.
All materials used for building, decorating or covering the
Exhibitor’s stand must be of able nature and the Exhibitor must
observe and comply with any requirements made or instructions
given by any local or other relevant authority.
(i) The Exhibitor may cancel its booking for stand space after the
Contract has been entered into by written notice to the
Organiser sent by recorded delivery post. The Exhibitor shall
pay cancellation charges as follows:
Date of Receipt of cancellation Notice Cancellation Charge
6 months or more prior to the Exhibition 50% of Total Payable
Less than 6 months prior to the Exhibition 100% of Total Payable
(ii) Cancellation charges will be deducted from Contract
payments received from the Exhibitor;
If such payments are less than the cancellation charge the
Exhibitor must pay the balance with the cancellation notice.
Any refund of Contract Payments in excess of the cancellation
charges will be sent by the Organiser 30 days after receipt of
the cancellation notice.
(iii) Notwithstanding that the Organiser resells or reallocates
the cancelled stand space (or the space by which it may be
reduced pursuant to Paragraph 10) after payment of cancellation
charges, the Organiser shall be under no obligation to
reimburse all or part of such charges.
If the Exhibitor wishes to reduce the size of its stand space after
acceptance of its space booking by the Organiser, written notice
of such request must be sent to the Organiser by recorded
delivery post. The Organiser shall be under no obligation to
agree any reduction requested. If the Organiser agrees the
reduction, the Exhibitor shall be liable for the cancellation
charges set out in Paragraph 9 pro rata in relation to the
amount by which the original stand space is reduced.
The Contract shall be a contract for the amount of space in the
Space Booking Form at the Exhibition and no acceptance by the
Organiser of the Exhbitor’s Space Booking Form or allocation
of the Exhibitor’s name to any particular part of any plan or
stand number will constitute any agreement, warranty or
representation by the Organiser that the Exhibitor is entitled
to exhibit a the Exhibition in such particular location. The
Organiser reserves the right (without being required to give
notice to the Exhibitor) to alter the stand numbering, the lay-out
of any Exhibition plan and the position of any stand at any time.
The Exhibitor shall ensure that its stand space and exhibits are
occupied and attended by competent and adequate staff at all
times for the duration of the Exhibition. If the Exhibitor fails to
ensure this it will be deemed to have cancelled its booking for
stand space and Paragraph 9 will apply and the Organiser may
resell or relocate the relevant space.

The name or any Exhibitor which may appear on any plan or
stand number or any statement made by or on behalf of the
Organiser that any company or person is booked to attend
the Exhibition provisionally or otherwise shall not constitute
a warranty, representation of undertaking by the Organiser
that any such exhibitor, person or company shall attend the
Exhibition at any particular location or at all. No application
for stand space or acceptance thereof shall be conditional
on attendance or location of any other exhibitor.

The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organiser against all costs,
claims, demands, proceedings, liability and losses whatsoever
made against or incurred by the Organiser as a result of any
acts or defaults of the Exhibitor, its employees or agents at
the Exhibition.
In the event of the Exhibitor becoming bankrupt, entering into
liquidation, having a receiver, administrator or administrative
receiver appointed in respect of its assets, or entering into
any arrangement with its creditors, the Organiser reserves
the right to treat such event as a cancellation in which case
Paragraph 9 will apply.
The Exhibitor shall not assign, sublet or grant licenses in respect
of the whole or any part of the space allocated to it or assign
or transfer any of its rights or obligations under the Contract.
The Organiser may assign the benefit of the Contract without
giving notice to or obtaining the consent of the Exhibitor.
The relationship of licensor and licensee shall exist between
the Organiser and the Exhibitor in relation to space allocated
under the Contract, and nothing in the Contract shall create a
tenancy between the Organiser and the Exhibitor. In case of
non-payment of any sum due from the Exhibitor (whether
demanded or not) or of any other breach or non-observance
by the Exhibitor of any of the Terms and Conditions the
Organiser shall have the right to determine the license of the
Exhibitor and to re-enter upon the allocated space to remove
the Exhibitor, its exhibits and all persons therefrom without
prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to the
The Organiser shall use its reasonable endeavours to organise
and promote the Exhibition in such manner as it considers
appropriate and the Organiser reserves the right to amend or
vary the manner or methods of such organisation and
promotion. Any statements made by or on behalf of the
Organiser as to audience projections or methods or timing of
promotion shall constitute only general indications of the
Organiser’s promotion and organising strategy and shall not
amount to any representation or warranty.
In the event that the Exhibition is abandoned for whatever
reason the Organiser shall refund any payments it has received
from the Exhibitor for space at the Exhibition. The Exhibitor
shall have no other claim whatsoever against the Organiser.
If by rearrangement or postponement of the date of the
Exhibition or by substitution of an alternative venue for the
Exhibition or by means of any other reasonable arrangement
the Exhibition can be held the Contract shall be binding on the
parties save that it shall be deemed to be varied so as to allow
for any necessary change of venue, dates, duration or the
Exhibition, stand size, location or otherwise.
(i) The Organiser shall not be liable for any loss or damage
including (but not by way of limitation) consequential or indirect
loss or damage, loss of contracts, loss of or damage to property
or goods of the Exhibitor and whether such loss or damage
arises from a breach of duty in contract or tort or in any other
way (including from the Organiser’s negligence).
(ii) The Exhibitor shall effect at its own cost full indemnity
insurance against usual risks in respect of loss, damage or
injury to goods and persons.
The Organiser reserves the right in its absolute discretion to
exclude or remove from the Exhibition any person or product
(including employees and agents of the Exhibitor or other
persons connected with the Exhibitor) whose presence in
the Organiser’s opinion is or is likely to be undesirable.